The Leadership Team believes that Provenance’s success over the past years is directly due to three core principles:

  1. A fanatical focus on customer service – possessing a servant’s heart
  2. A steadfast dedication to providing employees a safe, financially secure and fulfilling work environment – valuing our team
  3. Stewarding the Company’s earnings to serve our employees, clients, and communities – being outstanding stewards of the gifts we receive

Commitment to these values can only be fully realized when they are articulated well and implemented consistently.  To achieve that end – the Provenance Consulting’s mission statement was established.


Mission Statement

We are second to none in understanding our clients’ needs and providing service to achieve their goals.

We provide our employees a safe, financially secure, challenging, and fulfilling work environment.

We steward our earnings for the benefit of our employees, the communities they live in, and the communities of our clients.