Provenance Academy Webinars

Provenance Consulting has teamed up with leading industry organizations to provide process safety professionals with free, live webinars focused on industry-relevant topics. Our webinars offer expertise on process safety management utilizing case studies and our industry experience. These webinars are a great resource to leverage for any PSM professional, and are available anytime free of charge.

Below is the list of Provenance’s archived webinars. Please click on the title below for more information on each webinar and to download.


Archived Webinars

Title: Everything You Wanted to Know About RS but Were Too Afraid to Ask.

Presenter: Justin Phillips, P.E.


Title: The Importance of Operating Procedures.

Presenter: Justin Phillips, P.E.


Title: Managing the Lifecycle of IPLs.

Presenter: Patrick Fisher


Title: The Importance of Understanding Process When Implementing Your Mechanical Integrity Program.

Presenter: Vipin Vijayakumaran


Title: Whoops! I Made a Mistake Sizing My Relief Device and Then I Installed It Incorrectly!

Presenter: Justin Phillips, P.E


Title: When the Only Things Consistent About Your PHAs Are Inconsistencies.

Presenter: Patrick Fisher


Title: How PSM Programs of the Past Should Shape a Better PSM Future.

Presenter: Patrick Nonhof


Title: Benefits of Intelligent Drawing Practices.

Presenter: Matt Leos


Title: Over Pressure Protection and the Relation to Regulations, Codes, and Standards.

Presenter: Justin Phillips, P.E


Title: Embrace Change by Establishing Comprehensive Management of Change (MOC) Processes.

Presenter: Scott Kindy


Title: Selected Pressure Relief Systems Heuristics.

Presenter: Justin Phillips, P.E 


Title: How Process Engineers Are Impacted by Mechanical Integrity.

Presenter: Jon Synder 


Title: Has PSI Become a Data Management Nightmare?

Presenter: Scott Kindy 


Title: Realizing the Benefits of a Truly Integrated PHA Process.

Presenter: Nestor Paraliticci 


Title: Introduction to Pressure Relief Systems.

Presenter: Justin Phillips, P.E