2016 Fall Newsletter

Happy Fall Y’all! Please find attached Provenance Consulting’s Fall  newsletter. A big “thank you” to everyone who contributed to the newsletter this fall! A little advice from a pumpkin.. Stay well-rounded, Get plenty of sunshine, Have thick skin, Keep growing, and Be outstanding in your field! We hope you enjoy the newsletter! 2016 Fall Newsletter

2016 Summer Newsletter

Please find attached the Summer Provenance Consulting newsletter.  We hope you all enjoy reading it.  Thanks to everyone who made this newsletter possible. 2016 Summer Newsletter

Avoid Pressure-Relief System Pitfalls by Justin Phillips, P.E.

Provenance is proud to announce that “Avoid Pressure-Relief Systems Pitfalls”, by Justin Phillips, P.E., has been recently published in the July issue of AIChE’s CEP Magazine. This accredited article focuses on mistakes that can be made when selecting, sizing and installing pressure relief systems. Mistakes that both new and experienced engineers can make when designing and auditing pressure relief systems. […]

The Importance of Understanding Process When Implementing Your Mechanical Integrity Program!

Provenance is proud to announce that we have another great webinar on the horizon. The AIChE hosted webinar, “The Importance of Understanding Process When Implementing Your Mechanical Integrity Program”, is a free 60-minute webinar focused on incorporating process conditions into your Fixed Equipment Mechanical Integrity (FEMI) program that will allow you to predict, detect and prevent […]

Whoops! I Made a Mistake Sizing My Relief Device and Then I Installed It Incorrectly!

Whoops! I Made a Mistake Sizing My Relief Device and Then I Installed It Incorrectly! Relief Systems play a huge role in the world of Process Safety Management so it comes to no surprise that engineers have to pay very close attention when designing and installing them. But one word will always come up, “Mistakes.” […]

When the Only Things Consistent About Your PHAs Are Inconsistencies

    Inconsistent Process Hazard Analyses cost money, reduce operability, and can have a negative impact on safety culture. Join Patrick Fisher, a Chemical Engineer at Provenance Consulting, in an informative webinar that will allow you to understand the causes and the consequences of inconsistencies in Process Hazard Analyses and in Layers of Protection Analyses. This free, live webinar hosted by AIChE […]

2015 MKOPSC Symposium.

Provenance Consulting is pleased to report that the Mary Kay O’Connor 2015 International Symposium was a success once again! As always, we had the opportunity to meet peers from around the world, experts in the field, and specialists on a variety of process safety management (PSM) topics.  The two and a half day event featured […]

How PSM Programs of the Past Should Shape a Better PSM Future

Process Safety Management (PSM) has been the “law of the land” for over 20 years. While it may be perceived differently by different parts of an organization, one aspect of PSM is almost universally agreed on: If we had to do it over again, we would approach PSM implementation and practice differently. Join Patrick Nonhof, […]