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Provenance’s Mission Statement

The Leadership Team believes that Provenance’s success over the past years is directly due to three core principles:

  1. A fanatical focus on customer service – possessing a servant’s heart
  2. A steadfast dedication to providing employees a financially secure and fulfilling work environment – valuing our team
  3. Stewarding the Company’s earnings to serve our employees, clients, and communities – being outstanding stewards of the gifts we receive

Commitment to these values can only be fully realized when they are articulated well and implemented consistently.  To achieve that end – the Provenance Consulting’s mission statement was established.

Mission Statement

  • We are second to none in understanding our clients’ needs and providing service to achieve their goals.
  • We provide our employees a safe, financially secure, challenging, and fulfilling work environment.
  • We steward our earnings for the benefit of our employees, the communities they live in, and the communities of our clients.

Current Opportunities

If you are ready to take control of your career, consider Provenance Consulting. Because we are a young and growing company, our employees are not forced into tightly structured, pre-defined career tracks. You will have a great deal of influence and control over your career and professional development. 

To view Provenance Consulting’s current job opportunities, Click  Here


About Our Benefits

We believe if we take care of our employee family they will take care of us, so we have an exceptional employee “package.” We start by offering a competitive salary that is usually above the industry standard. Then we provide paid medical, dental, life, and short term/long term disability insurance. We also have a 401k retirement plan and a generous paid time off policy. On-going training and educational opportunities, formally and informally, are also available.

Provenance 2016 Benefits Package Summary