Process Safety Information

At the core of any successful petrochemical process or system is correct and manageable process safety information. Too frequently, systems and processes are implemented without adequate review and updating of the data and documents that feed these systems and processes. Additionally, ongoing safety, hazard, and operability reviews of each facility are dependent on the accuracy of the information utilized during the evaluation. One small error on a P&ID can change the hazard or risk analysis by orders of magnitude.

Additionally, in order to comply with all required regulatory, legal, and internal standards, Process Safety Information (PSI) must appear in multiple locations accessed by many different users. Provenance has proven methods to ensure all data found in multiple systems and documents is consistent and maintainable. Our services include:

  • Process Safety Information audits and reviews
  • Drawing (P&IDs, PFDs, Plot plans, Instrument loops, etc) verification, generation, and updates
  • Data consistency checks
  • Equipment file reconciliation and consolidation

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