ARTS – Asset and Records Traceability System

The ARTS™ application is designed to aggregate equipment information from multiple data repositories. The implementation and subsequent maintenance of these systems are typically performed at different times, by different personnel (possibly organized within different refinery or corporate divisions), and with different methodologies – resulting in disparate information across the facility.

ARTS sets a whole new standard for long term data reconciliation and management for petroleum refineries and chemical plants.

Disparate data may come in the form of deficiencies (i.e. missing records or data) or discrepancies (different data for the same equipment) between data sources – and since these data repositories typically provide the information upon which critical engineering decisions are made, such deficiencies and/or discrepancies can have a substantial negative impact upon the success and potentially the safety of engineering decisions.

The ARTS™ application allows a facility to identify these discrepancies and deficiencies. Through its high level of configurability, ARTS™ is able to handle any attribute data stored for any equipment type. Logic inherent to the ARTS™ application permits the facility to map equipment records between different data sources – even when the methodology and naming conventions used in these data sources are dissimilar.

ARTS combines data into a single user interface that is available to all personnel and identifies discrepancies, verifies data from the right records, facilitates data correction, and monitors future changes.

Once the ARTS™ system is populated with the information from the engineering data repositories, and the data discrepancies and deficiencies are identified, the facility must determine the correct values for each data attribute. ARTS™ addresses this need by providing functionality to link electronic documents to ARTS™ data records. An annotation feature allows the source information on these engineering documents to be highlighted and associated with the ARTS™ equipment record attribute – permitting a clear “traceability” of the electronic data to the engineering document(s) which indicate the correct value for the attribute.

The functionality provided by the ARTS™ system provides two primary benefits. First, the application provides the ability to aggregate and validate critical engineering information in one central location. In many facilities the owner of each data repository controls the access to its associated engineering data. Limits on software licensing and concerns regarding data integrity often cause these owners to restrict access to the data applications.

ARTS has been recognized as a PSM program strength during Process Safety compliance audits.

ARTS™ allows this information to be made available to any individual or group without concern for data integrity and without licensing restrictions. The ARTS™ web-based interface also eliminates the need for training on individual engineering applications, which is often required to understand the data, learn to navigate the application to find relevant information, and become knowledgeable in what the data represents. Second, by permitting engineering documents to be linked and annotated, the ARTS™ system provides confidence in the attribute data values for each piece of equipment. This “master data” becomes the benchmark against which ARTS™ measures the data stored within the engineering data repositories. Through the annotation process, the facility can be confident that discrepancies identified in ARTS™ are being measured against validated and accurate information.

With the information provided by ARTS™, a facility can improve the quality of data stored within its engineering applications. With the benefit of knowing that clean, consistent data resides in these data repositories, facility personnel can be confident that accurate and “traceable” information is being used to make engineering decisions which affect the efficiency and integrity of its equipment and processes, and the safety of its employees.

Download an overview of the Asset and Records Traceability System (PDF).

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