CERTS – Certification and Employee Refresher Training System

The PSM Standard prescribes the following with regard to refresher training for operations personnel:

Refresher training shall be provided at least every three years, and more often if necessary, to each employee involved in operating a process to assure that the employee understands and adheres to the current operating procedures of the process. The employer, in consultation with the employees involved in operating the process, shall determine the appropriate frequency of refresher training.

Provenance has developed the CERTS™ application in response to a demonstrated need to maintain compliance with this aspect of the Training element of the PSM Standard. Although the program meets the basic requirement of tracking job certification (and recertification) dates, it approaches the task in a unique way – by documenting training opportunities that take place during the recertification period. This approach is designed to promote successful audit compliance, as all training opportunities (such as participation in scenario drills or PHA/Process Hazards Analyses studies, MOC, classroom training, etc.) are documented and recorded in the CERTS™ system.

CERTS™ provides the additional benefits and functionality:

  • Track recertification progress based on training against operating procedures required by each job certification. Multiple certifications may be tracked for a single operator.
  • Scenario Drills are defined based on the operating procedures covered during the drill. As drills are scheduled, completed and approved, participants receive credit towards recertification progress.
  • Generate a “Walk-Through” test used by training personnel to confirm competency at the end of the recertification period.
  • Email notifications for event-based and time-based events, such as pending certification expirations, required approvals, etc.
  • Permit feedback from operations personnel that can be used to refine operating procedures and training periods, to ensure that procedures are “true to the field” and training is provided on a sufficient frequency.
  • Print certification documentation for inclusion in employee file, including recertification date and training opportunities completed during recertification period.

Download an overview of the Certification and Employee Refresher Training System (PDF).

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